What to Expect – Amazon Training

The contents below will give you an insight what to expect:    

1.  Account Setup

 Infos & Policies

Account, Settings, Profile

Review Account Information

Getting Paid

Fees, Pricing & VAT

3. Setting Up Business Operations

Seller Registration

Customer Service & Return Policies

Distance Seller Regulations

4.  Listing Overview

 Listing Options

Create your first listing

Create a new item

Optimising Keywords

Check product appearance

Categories requiring approval

Listing Loader

Shipping Settings

Listing Management Third Party Software

Amazon Selling Coach

5.  Order Management

 Managing Orders

Confirming Dispatch

Delivery Expectations

Vacation Settings

Choosing the Right Courier

6.  Customer Relationship Management

Handling Complaints

Handling Returns

Handling Recurring queries

7. Analyzing & Tracking Performance

Sales Report Analysis

Weekly Report

Feedback Analysis

Handling A-to-z Guarantee Claims and Chargebacks

8. Optimising Your Amazon Business

Planning Strategic Action

Sales  Maximising Strategies

Go Global ( Europe and US)

Using Your Case Log

Festive Season Selling

Amazon Seller Resources

Managing Promotions

Winning Buy Box

9. Amazon for Marketing

New Customer Acquisition Strategies

Marketing Your Business

Store Profile Enhancement

10. Amazon Options

 FBA, does it worth it ?

Amazon web store

Checkout by Amazon

Amazon Online Resources