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Go Global with Online Marketplaces

go global with marketplaces

We are excited to bring you Online Seller Manchester helping local businesses start and grow international sales. ‘Go Global with Online Marketplaces’ will focus on how to grow your sales internationally with marketplaces.

Luke Trayfoot and Mark Bond from WorldFirst  and Darren fromRedStar will be delivering two exciting talks covering what it takes to be successful in international marketplaces.  The event is free for online sellers and retailers.

Expect to hear practical tips that you can implement within weeks and see your success in growing international marketplaces. The is also an excellent opportunity to network with other online sellers and comfortably with industry experts in friendly atmosphere.

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OSWTalk - Weekly twitter chat on anything eCommerce

We like talking e-Commerce and thought it would be a good idea to chat a bit about something that will help on-line sellers grow their sales internationally. eBay is one the easiest platform to start, which gives better exposure to your products internationally for small or big retailers.

Thought it would be easy to chat and get advise through twitter or tweet-chat with #OSWTalk. This talk is scheduled for Thursday, 23rd January between 7 – 8 pm UK time. We will talk about “Selling Internationally with eBay” and we will look in these aspects:

  • Where to start ? Which country to start ?
  • How to get our listings ready ?
  • Is there any extra Fees ?

Join us with Matt & Dave from UnderstandingE  who will be giving expert views on this topic! I will be hosting this talk from @day2dayebay with #OSWTalk takes place from  7 – 8 pm UK time.  Anyone can take part in the discussion – simply sign in twitter account here   to enter dedicated chat room or  follow on twitter.

We’d love to hear your suggestions for future topics for #OSWTalk – get in touch with me by email daytodyaebay [at] or Twitter if you’ve got ideas.

#OSWtalk will be weekly Twitter chat event that looks at all aspects of eCommerce.

Transcript Now Available Here–>