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Why collecting Reviews from your Customers is important with New Google Changes ?

Majority of customer start their journey with Google search. Customers get better product result now with Google Product Listing Ads as you have seen on the slide above. Third slide show the result customers get when they click on “shopping” tab on Google page. This is where Google recommends shop with better customer reviews irrespective of the price of the product.

Online retailers now need to work hard than only giving lower price. You need to collect customer reviews after making a sale in order to grow your on-line business. Please note getting customer reviews is not a new practice. Amazon & eBay has done very well with this! It is only now Google is into this game and it is doing very well. Just make sure you are in it!

There are plenty of Review sites in the market. You can pick and choose whatever suits your business and budget. I must recommend you to use the ones that will show reviews in Google shopping result.


Capture Mobile Traffic with Google Product List Ads

Product Listing Ads are search ads that include richer product information—such as product image, price, and merchant name— without requiring additional keywords or ad text. Whenever a user enters a search query relevant to an item in your Google Merchant Center account, Google may automatically show the most relevant products along with the associated image, price, and product name.

~ Google Shopping

Mobile Shopping Trends

  • Online shopping has now moved to living room with tablets and smart phones with 67% shopping while watching TV.
  • Only 2% of online shoppers have bought while at a retail premises, with some 97% doing so at home and 15% at work.
  • Smart phones and Tablets are used in stores mainly to check prices and product details
  • Access to the Internet using a mobile phone more than doubled between 2010 and 2013, from 24% to 53%.

This is clearly where business should be going. Latest figure shows that online shopping now reaches 9 out of 10 UK internet users, while mobile shopping is growing rapidly as 1 in 5 Brits used their smartphone to purchase a good or service in December 2012[1] 

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB)  future focused research shows that 69% of UK consumers expect their mobile usage to increase dramatically by 2015.

Learn from launched in 2003, and based in Cerritos, California, It offers a high-quality click-and-mortar shopping experience. The website is a virtual home for over 700 worldwide brands for men’s and women’s designer apparel, shoes, and accessories.

REVOLVEcolothing has used Google PLA to reach out online shoppers for latest fashions for a long time and seeing consumers increasingly using mobile devised for shopping it focussed on capturing this valuable audience thorough Mobile PLA.

Google PLAs appear when consumer looks for products in Google or Google Shopping. These ads include

  1. Product picture
  2. Product price excluding delivery
  3. Your Store Name

Consumers see same detailed information on PC and mobile devices. You have got a flexibility of making your ads visible to the consumer based on device they are using and their location.

Mobile Ads are Optimisation

Emphasising on mobile PLAs helps to create new goal and increase efficiency.

Mobile ads worked for companies like, because 25 percent of mobile shoppers ultimately buy—and 34 percent of these purchases are made entirely on mobile devices. Optimising mobile ads through bidding allowed to get focussed on good performing products and brands.

Measurable results

There were measurable results with with

  • 371 % increase in clicks
  • 14 % drop in cost-per-click
  • climbed 537 % increase in conversion
  • 77% increase on Return On Ads Spend

Mobile PLAs will continue to grow and it will be increasingly important to optimise listings, and bidding. plans to keep optimising their mobile PLA campaigns.

So how to start Mobile PLAs for your products

Bid adjustments can be made for locations, ad schedules, and mobile device “Campaign Settings”. This adjustment as shown in picture below shows % change in your bids.

Google Product Listings Ads

You can either increase or decrease your bid. It is best to look into how much profit you made out of the ads and adjust your bids accordingly. You have got ability to bid adjustments for mobile devices can be set from -90% and +300%, or at -100% to opt out of traffic from mobile devices.


Max CPC bid of £ 1.

Given that you found out your campaign performs well on mobile devices, you can set bid adjustments to increase your bids for mobile to try to capture all available traffic. ie. Set a +20% adjustment for searches on mobile devices, resulting in a final bid amount of £1.20. Here’s the math:

Starting bid: £1
Mobile adjustment: £1 x (+20%) = £1.20
Resulting bid for searches on mobile devices: £1.20


Have you looked at your Products Performance in last 6 months?

google free clicks


Since February 2013 Google started changing Google shopping in the UK. I was expecting dip on product clicks and this was matched with the screen shot above. It will be interesting to find out what yours look like. Simply log in your Google Base and click on performance to view similar screen like this.

Bear in mind this change will be completed by June 2013 and expect not to see any FREE clicks. The way forward would be to add on your products feeds to Google Adwords and test traffic and conversion results. Google calls it Product Listing Ads (PLA). I will write step-by-step procedure on next post. Until then here’s a short video for you to understand what Google Product Listing Ads (PLA) is.