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Introduction to Buying & Selling on eBay | 22 & 29 June 2013 | Newport Adult Community Learning

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I like eBay Stories Blog

I have been following eBay Stories blog for a while and like their posts with stories relevant to eBay world. It is really a good idea to get people engaged.

One of the its recent post “Secrets of selling reveal tips for buying” is inspirational to private sellers on eBay who wants to get rid of what’s in the home and buy something else, especially mums with growing children.

Here are few things that Kerri mentioned on her post:

 1.      Look around your house to finding items to sell. You will surprised how much stuff you don’t need !

2.     Learn how to be efficient with eBay ipad apps that helps to take picture and list an item.

3.     Fast shipping is the key for getting positive feedback

4.     Keep a very open line of communication with buyers. Sending personalised emails to everyone only helps creating relationship with the buyers.

5.     If you have not got time to spend on post office get your postage labels printed online.

6.     Keyword your title so that it can be found easily. It might worth researching the item you want to sell. Look out for the one that’s sold or got more bids on eBay and learn how it was categorised and keyworded.

Learn all you need to begin in the Quick Start Guide.

Have you got any stories ? Simply let me know I will get it published in this blog. 

Introduction to Buying & Selling on eBay – Life Station, Pontypool, Torfaen

A successful eBay course was delivered on 02nd February at Life Station, Pontypool. The course was delivered FREE as a part of Torfaen Adult Community Education aiming to introduce the world of eBay.

Here are some testimonials from the attendees:

Very Interesting – won’t be quite wary of it any more.

D. Powell

Clear practical  help with using eBay.

J Marsh

I found the instructions explained the introduction to eBay very well. It was helpful to a beginner like me.

Dianne Banner

I have some eBay experience as a buyer / bidder but have not tried selling anything. Course gave me more confidence in that area.

Alan Parker

Torfaen Adult Community Learning Centre runs 8 weeks  “Introduction to eCommerce” course accredited by Agored Cymru – formerly OCN Wales. This course is hands and equips learners with the key concepts, tools & tactics to enable selling on eBay, Amazon and Rakuten Play.