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Have you ever calculated actual cost of selling on eBay?

discovering  ebay selling fees

We are aware of various fees to sell on eBay. There is Listing Fees, Final Value Fees (FVF) and PayPal Fees. We are considering Fixed Price items on this post. For a business sellers 10p listing fees, 10% FVF and 3.4% + 20p PayPal Fees. As most of us do I used to add on these fees on top of my cost and sell it until now I found a correct method of calculating the cost of selling on eBay.

eBay Selling Fees

This table clarifies the direct cost of selling on eBay is 15%, ignoring the 10p listing fees. This table shows your real profit which takes product cost, VAT and stationery into consideration. However, it ignores the labour cost.

My aim was to give you better idea of selling on eBay so that you can set optimum selling price. This link will take you to a downloadable file where you can change the price of the product and see your cost / profit and make better decision. If you have got any individual requirement simply post it on comment and I will get another table done for you FREE.

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Have you ever calculated actual cost of selling on eBay?



Introduction to Buying & Selling on eBay | 22 & 29 June 2013 | Newport Adult Community Learning

COPY Introduction to eCommerce Leaflet Print Setup - Newport

EBay Course Delivered at Newport Community Learning Centre

introduction to ebay

Newport Community Learning Centre concluded Introduction to Buying & Selling on eBay Course at St.Julians on 02nd March 2013. After successful completion of the course learners will receive an Agored Cymru Qualification formerly known as OCN. The group included mostly beginners.

This course is designed to introduce Buying & Selling on eBay. This is a basic course and learners were expected to have some computer experience. The course outcomes were:

  • Setup eBay & PayPal Accounts
  • Identify various buying options on eBay
  • Identify advanced search methods
  • Identify secure payment methods
  • Understand Automatic bidding procedures
  • Identify how feedback system works
  • Identify procedures of solving disputes
  • Listing products for sale on eBay
  • Monitoring listing, getting paid & transferring funds from PayPal
  • Identify Consumer Rights

The course was quite interesting with regular Q & A sessions and learners were able to gain confidence to start buying and selling on eBay.

Here are few testimonials from the learners:

I enjoyed the E-Bay course and found the tutor very informative, and helpful.  I learnt new things about buying and selling on e-bay.  Hopefully now I will be able to start selling and buying on e-bay myself.

 Inquid Lo, March 2013

 Very interesting course. Lessons were well delivered.

Jason Preece, March 2013

I found the course very useful.  It gave me a lot of help with buying and selling on e bay.  It included a helpful handout which i can refer to in the future.  The tutor was very approachable and helped us with any queries we had. 

Julie Taylor, March 2013

As a complete beginner to eBay I found the course most interesting.  

Christine Jones, March 2013

Really enjoyed course learned most of the things I wanted to know.

Janet Goold, March 2013

Newport Community Learning Centre also runs 6 Weeks Introduction to eCommerce course designed to introduce E-Commerce. This is a basic course and learners are expected to have some computer experience. You will explore key concepts of eCommerce using eBay, Amazon and Rakuten Play. You will also gain knowledge on consumer rights with regards to shopping on-line.

If you are interested in eBay or eCommerce courses please contact 01633 656656 or Tweet @NewportACL