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Could this be a Clue for you to go beyond Borders?

Go Beyond Borders with eBay

It is time for UK retailers to go beyond borders. For eBay Sellers, if you are unsure here’s this post will help you realise if you really need to !

eBay got Omniture traffic analysis software and it is available for free for your EBay Shop. It gives you analysis on

– Page Views
– Daily Unique Visitors
– Storefront homepage views
– Most popular pages – including shop pages
– Most popular fixed price listings
– Most popular auctions
– Keywords used to search your store
– Keywords that drove traffic to your store

I recently looked into Omniture language report and compared number of visitors in (2 months) 2014 against (three months) 2013.  Pleas find stats below:

We can see increase of Polish, German and Spanish visitors apart from US. If you are curious please checkout your report simply by following this link
You may have doubts on this however, this does give you bit of clue whether you should go beyond UK borders and where to go first. If you are inspired by this why not look at eBay’s International Selling Guide.

Would love to know what you see your eBay Ominiture Traffic Report.


Have you ever calculated actual cost of selling on eBay?

discovering  ebay selling fees

We are aware of various fees to sell on eBay. There is Listing Fees, Final Value Fees (FVF) and PayPal Fees. We are considering Fixed Price items on this post. For a business sellers 10p listing fees, 10% FVF and 3.4% + 20p PayPal Fees. As most of us do I used to add on these fees on top of my cost and sell it until now I found a correct method of calculating the cost of selling on eBay.

eBay Selling Fees

This table clarifies the direct cost of selling on eBay is 15%, ignoring the 10p listing fees. This table shows your real profit which takes product cost, VAT and stationery into consideration. However, it ignores the labour cost.

My aim was to give you better idea of selling on eBay so that you can set optimum selling price. This link will take you to a downloadable file where you can change the price of the product and see your cost / profit and make better decision. If you have got any individual requirement simply post it on comment and I will get another table done for you FREE.

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Have you ever calculated actual cost of selling on eBay?