eBay & Amazon Training

eBay & Amazon Training

We are based in South Wales providing our services throughout the UK. Our Marketplace Training helps you sell profitably on eBay and Amazon. Our training programmes are based on your specific needs and includes one month free telephone support. You can choose any of these options for trainings:

  • One-to-one session at anywhere in the UK
  • Onsite training for your team. We are happy to travel anywhere in the UK and we have already trained businesses in Bristol, Birmingham, London, Manchester, Bradford, Berkshire and Leicester
  • Video Conferencing or Telephone Consulting

We also provide eBay and Amazon Consultancy Service. This service requires minimum 3 months to see the sales growth. You can choose to have once a month or twice a month consultancy. Our aim is to help you-

  • Find your product niche
  • Analyse your competitors and create strategy to grow your sales
  • Optimise your eBay or Amazon listings and increase your profitability
  • Help you grow your business internationally

We are flexible to your needs and unlike other providers we are based in the UK providing highly personalised support “any-time any-day” ensuring your on-line business growth.

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So, what’s covered during these trainings?

eBay Training for Private Sellers

ebay for private sellers

This course is designed to introduce selling on eBay. This is an intermediate course and delegates are expected to have previous experience of buying on eBay. However, the course is equally beneficial to those without an eBay account.  It will explore key concepts, tools & tactics to enable you to sell efficiently on eBay.

You will learn to:

  • Calculate Fees incurred to sell
  • Research popular product
  • Best Price your product to make more profit
  • Exploring optimum postage cost
  • Create better digital images of your product
  • Use Automatic Listing tools
  • Resolve issues with buyers efficiently
  • Withdraw funds to your Bank account
  • Use eBay Community to resolve issues & learn new trends

Duration: 5 hours (One-day or Two evenings)

eBay Training for Business Sellersebay stores

This course is specifically designed to ensure that you turn your products available to 37 million eBay buyers monthly. (Source Ad Planner Dec/Jan 2013) You will learn simple, easy to implement processes, which will lead to increased sales through new and repeat business. You will be given the opportunity to use your own company specific products / experiences throughout the course and have clear understanding of how each process relates to your own circumstances.

This is an advanced course and delegates are expected to have previous experience of selling on eBay. You will be equipped to return and implement the learning immediately, leading to increased sales and profits.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How Distance Selling Regulations affect your business
  • Find out Right eBay Store for your business
  • Create a Search Engine Friendly eBay Store
  • Create a customised Listing Page Template
  • Use Listing & Order Management Software
  • Formulate pricing strategy to increase profit
  • Understand Seller Protection on eBay & PayPal
  • Explore cheapest method of Posting your orders
  • Manage day-to-day operations efficiently
  • Analyse sales, traffic, listings & Detailed Seller Report
  • Optimise your eBay store to achieve Top Rated Seller Status
  • Marketing  your eBay business
  • Understand the key concepts of expanding business globally
  • Marketing your own On-line store to your eBay customers
  • Explore other Sales Channels to increase your business

Duration: 6 hours (One-day or Two evenings)

Amazon Training for Business Sellers

Amazon is growing marketplace and this intensive course is designed to bring new sales opportunity to your business. This course is comprehensive and will concentrate on equipping delegates with proven skills and techniques that they can implement immediately in their own business.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Setting up Amazon Store
  • Listing new products and existing products
  • Understanding Amazon policies
  • Keeping Good Amazon Performance
  • Optimising Performance to win Buy Box
  • Analyse sales, traffic, listings & Seller Report
  • Marketing your own On-line store to your Amazon customers
  • Understanding Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)
  • Understanding  How you can expand to European Market

Duration: 6 hours (One-day or Two evenings)

We use independent training centres depending on your preferred location. Simply get in touch on 029 2236 2596 or 0751 88 39629 or fill in the form below to book the Training you require.