Introduction to eBay

This course is suitable for those who is new to eBay. You will learn how to buy and list an item for sale. This is an important step to learn how to sell on-line. The course content is easy to follow and implement after the course. The course cost is £18.00. This is 4 hours session on Saturday or Weekday evenings.

1 Welcome Module

  • Introduction to eBay
  • History of eBay
  • eBay Safety

 2 Getting Started

  • Setting Up an eBay Account
  • Adding a eBay Seller’s Account
  • Setting up a PayPal Account

 3 Searching & Watching an Item

 4 Bidding an Item

 5 Paying for your Item

 6 Creating Digital Pictures for selling

  • Digital Cameras & Examples of Bad Photography
  • Taking Your Pictures with a Digital Camera
  • Transfer Pictures
  • Editing Photo Files

 7 Pricing Strategies

  • Starting Bid
  • Reserve Price
  • Buy It Now
  • Fixed Price – What Is It?
  • Bid vs Fixed Price

8 Listing an Item for Sale

9 Monitoring Listing for Sale

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