eBay Chat Group {Torfaen}

Join us if you are new to eBay, currently selling on eBay or a Power seller. This is a informal group with a motive to help you to sell on eBay & beyond. You are very welcome even if you are not based in Torfaen. With eBay Chat events, there will be something to learn for everyone: 

– New to eBay: You will learn how to sell on eBay 

– Selling on eBay: You will learn how to maximise your sales, set-up a eBay shop for business

– Power sellers: You will learn how to go beyond eBay and double your sales ! 

All events organised are FREE to attend.

How to join the Group ?

1. Register or Sign up LinkedIn with your Facebook details

2. Click “Join our Group on LinkedIn”  Logo  on your right

3. Click Join Group & you are done. Watch out for events notification in your Group Page & Email

Please do share about your group with your friends &  families. We are here to help you.