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Tamebay’s eBay App Review: Responsive Description

eBay App version 4 Review technical insightsTamebay has been great resource for me for last few years and  no doubt to many others. Recently I stumbled upon their App review post which made me think do we really need good eBay listing design ? Why don’t we keep only description on description keep ourselves away from this fuss ! Saying this having a professional design has its own advantages.

Then Chris mentions “If you’ve still got mobile unfriendly descriptions they’re now often unreadable on the eBay app. If you’ve got a category list down the left hand side of your description that’s probably all I’ll see.”

So, this made me check our recent eBay listing design work and here’s how it looks. Some of the features of this design are:

  1. Menu option on top left
  2. Large image display
  3. Responsive Description Display
  4. Search bar on top
  5. Prominent contact details on top

So, if you looking planning for a mobile mobile responsive or convert existing design to mobile responsive please get in touch today. We will get back to you within 24 hours. Alternatively, give us a call on 029 2236 2596 or 07518839629


Mobile Responsive eBay Listing Template

Shopping on Mobile is a norm these days. Few years back we were not expecting to shop on mobile and now lot of shop on mobile or at least research on mobile devices whether its eBay or any other shopping site.

Whilst shopping or researching we checkout prices, seller reputation on eBay. Additionally, we’d like to read what product is all about and this is when mobile responsive design comes into play. A responsive design like below make it easier for you read description on your mobile device and makes shopping process smoother. Checkout this listing on your mobile and see for yourself:

Darlac Expert Tree pruning Bundle – brand NEW 2015 

Here’s how it looks on mobile device. As a result, there was sales coming through within in 24 hours of these listings going live. We can design a mobile responsive eBay listing for you at a reasonable cost. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements. Our telephone line is open between 8am to 8pm,7 days a week.