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eBay and Amazon Workshops

eBay Workshop in Manchester  Amazon Workshop in Manchester

Our partner Online Seller UK has organised eBay and Amazon workshops at The Escalator, Manchester to help you scale up your performance on marketplaces. It can be really difficult sometimes to spend time in learning how to get things done on eBay and Amazon specially when things change all the time. This is the very reason why we have created workshops listening to businesses we’ve worked in the past. Most importantly these workshops are at affordable prices too !


Amazon Training for Professional Sellers

Amazon Training  Swansea Cardiff NewportAmazon is growing marketplace and this intensive course is designed to bring new sales opportunity to your business.  This is a perfect workshop for start-up and existing on-line business. It is tailored to suit your business needs with an opportunity to discuss your individual business plan. We are expecting you to go with a prepared action plan to start & grow your business with Amazon.

Find out more and Register for a half-day workshop


Onsite eBay and Amazon Training London – Sharing an Experience

Bespoke Onsite eBay and Amazon Training LondonOne good part of doing a consulting job is that you get an opportunity meet interesting people from various places. I was in London today for an onsite eBay and Amazon training. It was quite productive day for both of us.

The day went smoothly with a bespoke training package created based on prior discussion. This ensured that the business got most of the time involved focussing on individual need. This is a unique opportunity which you don’t get attending conference or webinar.

Along side discussing the future development of the online business strategically I had an opportunity to discuss individual need with key members of online business development team. This was a unique opportunity for the member so to discuss how they are progressing and planning the right move forward. I am very sure the business will do well seeing their enthusiasm. Some our eBay and Amazon stores discussion included –

  • Finding issues which created eBay defect rate and putting system in place to lower it in future
  • Getting eBay Premium Seller Status
  • Creating closed loop customer journey with Promotions
  • Improving product visibility on international marketplace
  • Exploring new markets in Europe
  • Getting optimum level of Amazon FBA  so it does not control the business
  • Improving product reviews for  white label products Amazon

The day ended well with more discussion about developing webpresence for webstore which will be  everyone with a plan to action in next few months.

If you are looking to up skill your team or training and consulting please do get in touch to discuss your individual need.



Getting Product Reviews on your Products on Amazon is getting More important than ever

Personally, I do read product reviews on Amazon before purchasing anything.Amazon Product Reviews This becomes more important when I am spending bit more money on any product. I believe it is the same case for many of us. This is something Amazon is taking very seriously and giving importance to new and most helpful reviews as a part of new change is Amazon Reviews Algorithm which is already rolled out in the US and will follow to other countries eventually.

I have sometimes doubted if these reviews are really true. I have found some reviews very comprehensive and I question if somebody really has spent that amount of time writing it ? Perhaps no, perhaps yes but I am fully aware that there are several reviews site that encourages product reviews with a compensation. It is good for retailers to boost their white labelled products but not of buyers. Good news is that Amazon is already on legal battle with fake review site companies. So, if you are thinking of going this way perhaps you should reconsider.

Not surprisingly, I have had few inquiries about getting quicker reviews with highly regarded retailers  in the past, some of them trading in the UK for over 80 years.  I understand it is not easy to get reviews from customers but I have kept myself away from recommending fake ones though I was not liked to be saying this.

Now, you know that new review system will give more preference to new reviews, reviews from verified accounts and reviews that get the most votes from buyers

as a UK retailer what is the best way to get more product reviews on Amazon ?