Onsite eBay and Amazon Training London – Sharing an Experience

Bespoke Onsite eBay and Amazon Training LondonOne good part of doing a consulting job is that you get an opportunity meet interesting people from various places. I was in London today for an onsite eBay and Amazon training. It was quite productive day for both of us.

The day went smoothly with a bespoke training package created based on prior discussion. This ensured that the business got most of the time involved focussing on individual need. This is a unique opportunity which you don’t get attending conference or webinar.

Along side discussing the future development of the online business strategically I had an opportunity to discuss individual need with key members of online business development team. This was a unique opportunity for the member so to discuss how they are progressing and planning the right move forward. I am very sure the business will do well seeing their enthusiasm. Some our eBay and Amazon stores discussion included –

  • Finding issues which created eBay defect rate and putting system in place to lower it in future
  • Getting eBay Premium Seller Status
  • Creating closed loop customer journey with Promotions
  • Improving product visibility on international marketplace
  • Exploring new markets in Europe
  • Getting optimum level of Amazon FBA  so it does not control the business
  • Improving product reviews for  white label products Amazon

The day ended well with more discussion about developing webpresence for webstore which will be  everyone with a plan to action in next few months.

If you are looking to up skill your team or training and consulting please do get in touch to discuss your individual need.




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