Getting the most out of Amazon Product Search Terms

Few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to consult a clothing retailer in Manchester about Search Terms for Amazon listings.

Basically, we have 5 keywords fields to use. They needs to be 50 characters length. If you are using excel to populate the keywords use  =LEN(A1) to calculate length. and then follow these Amazon Search Term Best Practices:

  • You do not need to enter common misspelling
  • It isn’t necessary to duplicate title keywords; it is better to use additional terms to generate a wider range of customer search hits.
  • Use single words– Single words work better as search terms than phrases. If you use phrases, then customers must type each entry exactly as you entered it. For example, if you enter ” Gifts for the bride to be Bridesmaid ” as search terms for Gifts for the Bride Bridesmaid Gifts Candle Wedding Day Gift White Gorgeous Jar, then that is what customers must type. However, by listing these terms separately, you allow for more combinations, such as bridesmaid gift, wedding candle, and wedding day gift. It is best to experiment these in a list of products to see the difference in sales.
  • We don’t need commas in between as we are using one set of keyword/ phrase per line.

I hope this helps a bit. I would love to hear from you or take any questions.


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  1. What do you mean by: “However, by listing these terms separately (..), in the example above you wrote them separately, and you say that they are considered by amazon to be a single, large keyword. So what is the way to make amazon consider them as separate phrases / keywords? Do you mean putting these keywords in separate cells? In this case we have only five keywords instead of 250 characters.

    There was a large thread about it here:


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