Are you thinking to buying on Alibaba and Selling on eBay ?

Are you thinking of a sideline business and wondering about importing small quantities of goods from Alibaba to flog on eBay/ a small website? The slide above shows one example of a produce source from Alibaba selling price on eBay. The profit seems very good for a sideline business. However, there are various aspects to look at. I found a forum discussion and listed few important points to research on before you jump into this.
  • If the price you charge covers the item cost, its part of the shipping cost, duty, VAT, eBay fees, PayPal fees, postage & package costs……then obviously it does work.
  • Even if you buy a 50 quantity from Alibaba/Aliexpress.You are often in a position where the UK eBay price from the direct from China sellers is lower than you can buy/import/tax/eBay fees/papal fees the item for. And unless you are practically the cheapest on eBay you won’t sell much.
  • Agree, so many people on eBay are making literally pennies per item – pointless. Although, if you can find a good, niche product that everyone isn’t selling, you can still do ok.
  • I do this exact thing, and it does give me decent pocket money. EBay makes just as much profit off me as what I make which is very frustrating; their fees are far far too high.
  • The problem is you need a niche product, and once you start selling loads everybody just copies you, which then leads to a price war which eventually results in not being able to turn a profit from it, unless you buy thousands to get cheaper price per unit costs.
  • UK-based sellers of these items have another problem looming. A lot of then with n-thousand positive EBay feedback are soon going to get a letter from HMRC. Even if you’re making just a quid per sale, HMRC would like 20p or even 40p of that. EBay’s records make HMRC investigations a breeze.
  • You’re quite right, and I should have made one thing much more clearly in that last post. I was right in saying Chinese factories wouldn’t entertain such orders, and I stand by that. The suppliers you’re looking at there are trading companies in China, not factories. You are therefore paying their mark-up too.

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  1. I think it is important to point out that if you import goods, particularly electrical goods, then you are responsible for ensuring that the products meets UK/EU standards.
    Any complaint to Trading Standards and they will ask for documented proof that the product meets the standard, which you would be unable to supply, and they will prosecute. It is a success that justifies their existence.
    Trading standards also make spoof buys and then ask for proof.
    If you buy from a EU based importer they are responsible, as they imported the product not you.
    Not trying to scare anybody just a word of warning because if found guilty the fine can be punitive


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