Why collecting Reviews from your Customers is important with New Google Changes ?

Majority of customer start their journey with Google search. Customers get better product result now with Google Product Listing Ads as you have seen on the slide above. Third slide show the result customers get when they click on “shopping” tab on Google page. This is where Google recommends shop with better customer reviews irrespective of the price of the product.

Online retailers now need to work hard than only giving lower price. You need to collect customer reviews after making a sale in order to grow your on-line business. Please note getting customer reviews is not a new practice. Amazon & eBay has done very well with this! It is only now Google is into this game and it is doing very well. Just make sure you are in it!

There are plenty of Review sites in the market. You can pick and choose whatever suits your business and budget. I must recommend you to use the ones that will show reviews in Google shopping result.


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