Why Amazon Repricing Tool DOES NOT always work ?

We have seen growth of repricing tools in the market for Amazon. All of these claim to help you win “Buy-Box” with small changes in price.  Some sellers have taken advantage of this tool by increasing their sales lowering their product price compared to that of competitors. It has to be noted that it’s a Game and there are other players on in to win the Price War. Some other sellers have increased the price of products which is not easily available and increased their profit. So, you can use this tool to increase or decrease your product price, result is increase in profit or increase of sales. All depends on your strategic objective of your online business.

Take a look at this product offer below:


Let’s say for instance the price was lowered with repricing tool but seller did not win “Buy Box”. Customer sees Preference 1 and loses out by 79p. Other seller won the buy box simply because its feedback score is better than the other. It would be good as a seller to consider look at Buy Box factors rather than jumping into the price war.


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  1. Totally agree with your comment. There are sooo many factors that affect the Buy Box. Check out this free ebook about this very topic – http://fdv.sr/bbbeb

  2. I wouldn’t tar all repricers either the same brush, some are very much price and raise to the bottom driven, however some are much more intelligent.

    FeedVisor for example have a self learning algorithm which takes into account all buy box factors, not just price and they will get you not just the buy box but the highest possible price you can sell at to maintain it.

    Hence the example you have pictured above, the buy box seller could be using FeedVisor or something similar and they win the buybox even when not at the bottom price.

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