Comparison Shopping Experience [ eBay, Amazon, Google ]

eBay and Amazon are few of many top shopping
destinations for UK shoppers. We shop there because we assume products are
cheaper there. It is NOT any more.

We have seen growing trend of retailers starting to sell on these reputed platforms
in order to increase their online sales which is true. If you have not started
selling on eBay and Amazon you must do before this Christmas.Amazon is
ranked best online Christmas shopping experience as retail websites in 2012.
The idea is to be on where customers are. According to ChannelAdvisor’s
same store sales numbers, eBay UK experienced almost a 50% increase in sales on Boxing Day
2012, while Amazon UK saw a 44.73% increase. Christmas Day itself also saw plenty of activity with increases of  36.67% and 27.76% respectively. This shows if you are not any of these two sites your losing huge potential to increase your online revenue.

Lets come back to the top I started, I looked for Kenco Smooth Refill Coffee 650g on
eBay, Amazon and Google. I found Staples, the cheapest, £11.99. Price on eBay was £27.99 and Amazon was £30.94. All of these prices include delivery. If you look at slides closely, you will
find same Retailer “Rayman” selling at different price points on eBay and Amazon. Whatever
the reason for retailer to sell at different price points on eBay and Amazon, I now
know I must search on eBay, Amazon and Google to get the best price for my product.

Have you had similar experience ?


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