Competitor analysis with Terapeak

We all know Competitor analysis is an important part of business analysis. It helps us to find out where we are and understand better where the market is going. I find it very useful as it gives me ideas how I should move my eBay business forward.

If we are spending time on listing products on eBay and not selling as much it is time to re-think why? It is best to check our prices against others periodically. Having high number of listings is not an excuse for not doing so. The work has to be split between different periods or people. Use tools like Terapeak to see strategically where our competitor is going. I recently had an opportunity to go on 7 days trial and discovered quite a few insights that are going to help any business to understand their competitor and ultimately drive their own sales.  It generates a good report of the competitor. I have put together few slides as I normally do. You will find comments on each slide to help you see what I am seeing. I hope you will find this useful.

I strongly recommend you to go on trial, do a bit of research and see for yourself. I would love to hear from you in comment section of this post.


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