Creating Email Campaigns with Mailchimp – Torfaen Business Centre


Recently we organised a marketing event “Creating Email Campaigns with Mailchimp” at Torfaen Business Centre in partnership with a good friend of mine Steve from Allsorts Training. The event stated at 6 pm and went on till 8:20 pm. Participants were from different types of businesses from catering, recycling, consultancy to  indoor climbing.

It was quite engaging session where everyone had their say. The session made sense to everyone. This is quite different compared to quite a lot of seminars I attend where speaker talks and attendees wait till the end to ask questions. I found it encouraging that all participants were planning their campaign during the session and asking questions which relate to them. By the end of the session participants were able to visualise the whole picture of Email Marketing and relate it with Lead Nurturing, Social Media Marketing and Blogging. This was all about business and less about Mailchimp.

We have series of Digital Marketing Training planned which aims to empower local business with Digital Marketing Strategy to grow their on-line business at affordable cost which is £35.00. The next one is

Creating a Digital Marketing Plan for your Business

This Digital Marketing Planning seminar gives you the roadmap for your business digital strategies prioritising your digital activities for immediate and long term gain.

The workshop will equip you with understanding how digital marketing plan can help you grow you online business in an increasingly multi-channel environment with structured digital activities.

 Thursday 1st August 2013, 6:00 – 8:30 pm -£35   Book Online Now

Here are few Tweets on the session:


Very Useful info, well thought good info.

Sean Harwood  @dragoncatering1

Very Informative and enjoyable, excellent information + software.

Lewis Brooks @NJB_Consultancy

Thanks for another insightful session ! I already use Mailchimp, but it was good to get a better & full overview of its capabilities & consider the bigger picture. Biscuits were nice too !!

Laura Walker  @Laura_Walks

Great as always. Learnt a lot, will be back for more.

Pete Millen @fullcirclewaste

Very very insightful.Thank you so much.

Sarah-Jane Ellis @fullcirclewaste

Excellent well structured and enjoyable lots of opportunity to ask questions.

Stephen Gregory @ALLSORTSTRAIN


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