Going Multichannel is Must to Grow your online business

We know by now Selling on one platform is not good enough. Retailers needs to be as many selling platform as possible. It is good to start on eBay and grow out to sell on Amazon, Rakuten Play and Etsy. Here’s a snapshot of traffic to these sites in 2012 & 2013.

Amazon tops the chart followed by eBay, Etsy and Rakuten Play. If you are not in any of these platforms you know you should be there. Every platform has their own features and you need to check one at a time to see if it is profitable for you. Bear in mind that “experimenting is better than assuming.”

Getting top of inventory management and order management is important when we have two or more selling platform. When you are not coping with the pressure of many orders then you know you need a tool to help you out. This is when you nee something like Stitch.

” Stitch is your all-in-one small business inventory management system that lets you increase sales, boost productivity, and communicate professionally – more effectively than ever before!”

With this type of tool you don’t need to  log into multiple ecommerce websites, whether you’re selling on eBay, Rakuten Play, Amazon, Etsy, BigCommerce, Shopify, other online platforms. It manages your inventory, invoices, contacts, and packing slips all in one spot. With all tools you have Dashboard which lets you quickly track the status of your sales, payments and inventory.

This is only one of millions other tools out there. Have a look around and get what suits you best.

It is nice to have our businesses diversified in terms of sales channels so if one does not work there is always another-one working and keeping our cash-flow going. This is also and indication to UK businesses that it can only survive better if they are on multi-channel platforms. Good luck everyone !


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