Making the Most of eBay Traffic Reports

eBay referring site domains report


Many of us don’t think much about looking at where traffic comes on our eBay store. Above snapshot shows first four month of 2012 referring domains report. This report can be generated from your eBay Dash board (Account > Seller Dashboard > Traffic Reports). As expected eBay is on the top followed by Google. I am happy to find that my products were visible on and However it is not a significant amount to draw any conclusion. However, if these numbers were better I would conclude to expand out of the UK. Try yours and let us know the result!

The snapshot below shows first four month of 2013 referring domains report. The referring domains are not different to 2012 and I did not find any improvements on visibility on or So, I won’t be thinking of expanding out of the UK yet. I have noticed dip in traffic on eBay UK compared to that of 2012 by 19%. This is not good. This is giving me an insight that I need to take action in order to improve my listings visibility. I am going to leave you at this point to find out what sort of traffic you are getting and plan actions.

eBay referring site domains report 1


If you have not looked at these reports please do so. It is about time to start looking at things analytically. I would recommend allocating at leas half day for this. You will be surprised to see real scenario for your eBay store and plan improvements.




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