Cost of Posting in the UK has risen by 36% in three years – How to get over it ?

Royal Mail price has risen in the fast pace in past three years. According to the table above it is costing businesses 36% more to send parcels out in 2013 compared to 2011. We know price rise with Royal Mail is expected however, how the price rise is being absorbed by small retailers. Are they raising price of the products they sell online or they are simply happy to reduce their profitability?


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If online price are being raised due to higher postage cost, would we find buying online bit expensive than shopping offline. Will consumers agree to pay more online for having privilege of delivery at the door one day? Or there will be innovative measures to absorb the postage cost with Multi-buy deals or larger volume of order (Amazon Prime).

Here are on few of many ways you could try to keep sales coming:

  • Offer Multi-buy deals which will keep postage price low and cost of postage would be same for business
  • Keep the postage cost break even and recover through higher sales
  • Offer FREE post with the certain level of basket value

There could be other ways you could try. The important bit is you got to try something new soon before you get into trouble of low sales or low profit !


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