Optimising your Titles properly on eBay


It is normal not have time to research what title is the best for your product. Especially when you have few thousands listing listed in your store. However, we need to understand that title optimisation is a great way to improve your listings search rankings and results. It is surprising many sellers still have not lengthened titles to 80 characters (eBay changed this from 55 on August 2011). One of many tools to help you do this is Bay Estimate which allows you to input title keyword for your listing. It then tells you how popular that keyword is offering additional keyword suggestions and letting you know categories from which Buyers typically buy from after searching for that keyword.

The Popularity column can be use to determine relative popularity of search queries. The result is base on the time frame search is carried out. This is cool tool for seller what wants to find out what buyers are looking for. The Availability column is the average item count that may be returned when search is carried out. When select to look into the most popular search query you will get following results:

– The BayEstimate for each search below estimates how well your title will perform when a buyer performs that search

– Keywords buyers like/dislike when searching for the title entered

– Suggested category for listings

Here’s one feedback about this tool.

“I was so upset last week to find my items at the end of all the listings instead of with other items ending at the same time because of the new best match search, managed used this tool today and been able to list items so they are in the right place so people can see them, this is a great tool thanks.”

There is plenty of review here -> BayEstimate Feedback

If you are ready to experiment this fantastic tool here’s an easy to understand instructions on how to use this tool. Have fun and please do let me know how you get on by commenting this post.


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  1. Howdy Prabhat,

    This tool from eBay is helpful, but the problem for UK businesses is that the terms are american. Terapeaks listing title builder is far better (although paid for) but you can at least see the actual monetary value next to each term.

    So fab because it’s free, personally prefer Terapeak 🙂



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