Optimising your eBay Listing for better Sales?

We are in the era of Price War where many retailers are online and many offline retailers entering the market hoping to increase their sales. Recently we have experienced adverse effect of Amazon price parity on the small retailers. So, how do retailers increase their sales without price war? We all know by now we need to be on all sales channels including eBay, Amazon and Rakuten Play. With extensive listing work to do we may have missed out item specifics on eBay listings and it is time now to get this right.  eBay says on over 43% of eBay search results pages, buyers search and browse using the categories and items specifics listed in the left-hand navigation. So by adding item specifics to your listings you’ll help ensure that your items show up in all relevant searches, meaning they’ll be viewed by more buyers. (eBay Seller Update Autumn 2012)

Here’s the screen shot of eBay UK site when I looked for bags. You can see I can easily drill down the search by selecting my choice on the left hand side.

bags uk

Here’s the screen shot of eBay US site. You can see this is much better navigation as it gives me option to specify on the left and on the top. I am sure eBay will roll out this in the UK. Now you can better insight how this can affect your products being found on eBay.


bags us

Now you know how Item specifics help the browse navigation helping shoppers to search the item they want quicker without having to go through multiple pages. It is good to invest time improve your listing with Item Specifics available so that your buyers find the products you are selling when they look for them.

Here are two actions that you need to take:

  1. List all your new items with appropriate Specifics
  2. Start Revising your previous listing in bulk

In both cases, Updated version of Turbolister is very handy to use.

Let me know how you get on.


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  1. If you search within fashion categories the style filters already appear across the top on ebay UK. Having said that it would be good to see filters appear for all categories.

    If you need help compiling item specifics then head over to multiace.com. We have a tool which can decrease the amount of time it takes to put together comprehensive product attributes or we can even do the job for you. (sorry for the blatant plug!)


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