Does your eBay “About me” page do anything?

Quite a few of us are aware that eBay does not allow any external links on its listing page luring customers to buy somewhere else. I have seen quite few eBay shops doing so. Just take one example of this sort of listings as shown below. This is breach of eBay Link Policy.

  • Links that shorten URLs (, etc.) or are not clickable ( not hyperlinked)
  • Linking to an eBay page solely to direct members outside of eBay
  • Links to social media sites (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.)
  • Learn how to promote your items on other sites.
  • Links to payment services
  • Quick Response (QR) codes

Rugy Heaven Cwmbran eBay Listing

eBay does not seem to look for this actively. However, if someone reports it and is found by eBay, listings would be removed with a warning. I have heard eBay sellers saying “It’s been there for Five years”. It is nice to follow the rule of the house that is feeding you!

Now let’s look at what’s allowed.

eBay allows to put Social Media links on your eBay shop page.



eBay allows to put your  individual website on About Me page.  Not all buyers look into this page but there are some who do. Some may even buy from your own store. We would like to capitalise this opportunity.  Here’s a snap shot of Traffic Source (Google Analytics) from eBay to an individual website. You can see some visits and some conversion as well. If you have not noticed the conversion rate is quite high from eBay About me page.

ebay source google

So, all you got to do now is to create a “About me” page and pop your website URL in it. Here’s a vide which will will guide you do so!


I would like to know if you have already set up About Me page, are you getting any traffic from it?


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