Do you send Promotional Leaflets to your eBay & Amazon Customers?

Do you look at invoice that comes with your eBay / Amazon orders? I do! Usually it comes with additional information which I did not ask for.

 “10% OFF your first order if you buy direct from”

If I am happy with the order I would check their website for next shopping. 10% OFF would appeal to me to definitely buy from them just for the fact that their service was good the first time.

This is something that you ought to try. This is because:

  1. They are targeted customers
  2. They already know you
  3. They already have trust in you
  4. This is FREE marketing offer (Oh! OK you got to print leaflet!!)

 Let me help you to understand how profitable this can be. Below is the screenshot of Traffic Source to a Webstore of a local firm. You can see Direct Traffic is the second most important source of traffic and account for 28% of the traffic. The average Goal Conversion of this traffic is 3.67% which is quite good compared to that of organic sources. EBay and Amazon leaflets contributed most of this traffic.

traffic source

Few things to consider including in your leaflet:

  1. Create Trust with Secure Payment Options like Paypal and Google
  2. Create Trust with Business Address and contact number
  3. Include your Social Media address
  4. Give your customers reason to shop direct with money OFF vouchers

Here’s an example of a leaflet for your eBay & Amazon customers.

Getting More Out of eBay and Amazon

Let me know your thoughts in this or if you already using promotional leaflets, are you getting good traffic from it ?


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  1. We found that enclosing a leaflet when dispatching the goods was a total failure. We tried for 2 years but had a very minimal response. We set up a promotional code at checkout so we could gauge the repeat business or lack of it!

  2. Thanks Mick for your comment. Have you tried changing the layout or offer ? Because of the nature of product you sell, incorporating social media competitions could do some trick.

  3. We have tried many different layouts and offers, I dont understand your point aboiut Social media, do you mean asking the customer on the leaflet to connect with us on facebook or Twitter and offer a prize?


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