Do you really need your own Website?


Ecommerce is evolving and we are witnessing the dramatic change now. Business owners no longer have to have their own website and still be successful digitally selling locally or at international market. This is due to success on eBay, Amazon, and Rakuten Play Stores. There are plenty more around!

Here’s another on Its products range is staggering from gadgets, games, software to mobile, books, gardening, heath & beauty. It does not offer any less than eBay or Amazon. Choiceful Marketplace does allow business and individual sellers to sell their products and they don’t compete with it them like Amazon. It accepts popular payment method PayPal & Google along with Debit/Credit Card.

It is FREE to list your products on Choiceful. As all marketplaces Choiceful takes cuts from your sales. It is 5% commission plus 25p closing fee fixed to all departments. I find this easy to understand! All payments are transferred to your verified business bank account or Paypal account.

The fee is charged on the total gross value of the order including any taxes, and including delivery charges paid by the customer.

Before you jump into it here are few things you need to look at:

  1. Choiceful Independent Reviews
  2. How to List your products?
  3. Listing Bulk products
  4. Product Offers
  5. Choiceful International Selling
  6. Getting Paid

With all these options already there to sell your products online, do you really think you should invest your time building your own website ? 


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  1. Hi, in my opinion you need your own website/web presence or something which is totally under your control.



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