Have you considered Return Policy in your eBay Listings?

Return Any Item, Any Time, Anywhere Empowers Sales


eBay claims that if you are have clear return policy you will be more successful than other sellers. eBay research shows that if an item is difficult to return it acts as shopping barrier. Hence, clear return policy lifts that barrier and thus increases sell through rate.

Buyers like to shop from sellers with clear return policy so that they know what to expect if things go wrong. eBay research suggest that only small percentage of sold items are actually returned so there is win-win situation.

Did you know sellers on eBay are required to have a return policy and this still applies even if you don’t accept returns? eBay will select default return policy for you.

Legally (Distance Selling Regulations) buyers have a period of 7 working days (cooling off period) after the date of delivery within which they can cancel the order claim their money back including the original postage cost. However, buyer is required to bear the cost of returning the item only if this is clearly mentioned on the listing.

All in all having returns policy benefits the business

  1. Makes it comfortable to buyers to shop with you. Displaying it clearly across all the listings reassures buyers and increases sales
  2. Setting your returns policy allows your staff to have clear understanding on how to deal with buyers.
  3. Clear return policy eliminates the need for buyers to question you.

Here’s a video created by eBay to walk you through the process adding return policy in your listings:


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