Have you Seen eBay Garage ?

Vehicle Image

I just stumbled upon what they call eBay Garage. It has got easy navigation with Bike or Vehicles followed by Manufacturer, Models and so on. At a glance I thought it was trying to sell cars but found out that they are selling parts for the car I was viewing. It is quite neat ideas of tagging the car parts with image shared by users. I quite like the idea of having pictures on front. This must be the way everything is going which proves quick popularity of pinterest.

I can now add my own car and  when I need parts for my car I can simply click ” Find parts for this vehicle” and I get the list of the part only for my vehicle. Wow ! We have moved quite far in terms of Personalisation on the web. eBay you have done well!

Here’s a challenge for Retailers: start personalising all communications with your customers.


Don’t get too much excited. This is in the US and may be in couple of years to the UK ??



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