Calculating the Cost of Google Shopping Changes

Key Dates:

Traffic from Google Organic

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13  February 2013 Google Shopping Transition Begins

End of June 2013

Google Shopping Change Complete

I am trying to find out the cost of not having Google Shopping lately. If I could
find how much traffic I am getting from Google Shopping, it would be great! Unfortunately, Google Analytics does not show traffic from Google shopping separately and is mixed with Google organic results.

Traffic from Google Shopping

However, Google Merchant centre shows daily number of clicks on Google Shopping feed. With this report I can now find out what is the average number of clicks from Google Shopping. Hurray!

Here’s the way I calculated cost of not being in Google Shopping:

  • Find out Avg. Clicks per day  – 100
  • Get Estimated Annual Traffic – 365 x 100 = 36500
  • Get Goal Conversion from your Analytics – 5.47%

(Only conversion from Google)

  • Estimated Sales = 5.47% of 36500 =  1997
  • Get Average Order Value from your Sales =  £20
  • Estimated Sales from Google Shopping =  1997 x £20 = £39,940

 I am also now able to find out percentage of sales Google Shopping is bringing to the business. 

  • Get Total Sales (eg. 2012) = £115,000
  • % of Sales from Google Shopping = (£39,940 / £115,000 )% = 34%

 It is a numbers game and the good thing is that you are now able to estimate the cost of not being there. As you can see above if your business is getting 34% of sales from Google Shopping it will be fatal not to think about it now.

There are quite a few experts around and if you happen to ready this post please comment your opinion !

After the discussion comments from Linked In, thought it would be good idea to show how to track Google Shopping Traffic with Analytics. Simply create a Filter as show in the picture below and you can easily track Google Shopping traffic from the filter day.

Google shopping Filters

Now you are sorted ! You can see traffic & Sales from Google Shopping. 

google shopping traffic



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