Building a Successful Online Business


With my millions of years of experience I have put together few important things to consider to build a successful On-line Business:

1. Strategic Planning 

  • Go back to Pen and Paper and Carry Out long term planning
  • Work things out in periods of three months, put targets, put tools to achieve it and measure
  • Give space for U-turn in case things don’t go right 

2. Multi Channel Operations 

  • Allow Sales channels like eBay, Amazon, PlayTrade along with your own operations
  • They  help to pay your bills
  • Use them as new Customer Acquisition tool

 3. Reputation Management 

  • Incorporate Customer Reviews & show them on the first point of contact
  • Use independent Review sites like Review Centre & Trust Pilot ( FREE with limited privilege)

 4. Usable Website  

  • Get some one good to create a website which is user friendly
  • Get some folks you know together and test the website from START  to FINISH of buying cycle
  • Plan a periodic website Audit

 5. Customer Service  

  • Keep customers happy no matter what it takes
  • Losing one customer means

 # of Lost Customer x Avg Order Value x Order Recurrence/month x 10 years ( for example)

  • Even if you lose few pounds to put things right do it, your customer will pay it back with repeat orders

6. Operation Management  

  • Keep some important Records like # of Customer Complaints, # of Returns, Order Dispatch Time that helps you to better understand how your operations is going on and correct them in time
  • Get yourself involved at least twice a month even if it packing orders. A successful boss is the one who understands every aspect of business.



About DaytodayEbay

Multichannel Sales Channel Expert - eBay, Amazon, eBid, Pixmania, PlayTrade | Advanced specialist training for businesses of all types and sizes

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