How to increase value of the basket ?

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We all know postage cost is one of the factor that put buyers OFF during shopping. In order to tackle this problem, it is very wise to give your customers value for money with multi-buy options.

Most of the time postage for one and two items are same. It does not cost you more to send and it is good 
value for money to the customer who need your product regularly. Result, increase in the value of the basket. Simple !

Here are few simple steps to carry this out on eBay / Amazon:

– Replicate the single listing
– Suffix title with x 5 ( for example ). This shows multi-buy at first glance.
– Add x 5 to the image (for example).
– Create a Multi-Buy category and assign your listing to this category as second shop category. This will help buyers to find the product in relevant category and helps you analyse your category sales
– Remember to enter EAN in this listing. Most of the products have pack EAN which is separate to single product EAN. This will allow you to list your multi-buy product on Amazon.

Experiment this and don’t be afraid to change the quantity, some products may sell better in 5s and others in 2s.  Leave a comment below how you got on.


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  1. I used to do this all the time on eBay. Works a treat. However there’s another alternative as well if you’re selling in a category that supports multi-variant listings which also works well. Simply set a variant as quantity with amended price and the job’s done!

  2. Thanks Chris for confirming..


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