EAN that most forget to include on eBay Listings

Image Source – Tamebay

Google has brought quite a lot of changes in its Google shopping recently. One of them is product EAN. Basically products with EAN will be be visible in Google shopping page.

You must have seen the option to add EAN in your listing but can’t be bothered to fill it.
STOP ignoring it. If your eBay products don’t have EANs, they will not appear in Google
shopping search result minimising chances of being found.

You can easily add EAN in the listings you currently have by revising the listing in live eBay site or inventory software you are using. If you got 3000 products, don’t panic. Start today and work your way through. It has to be done  in order to increase traffic to you product. 

Recently, I met founders of  SPORTTAPE   for a  Free Assessment and advised them about this. They were unaware of this fact and were quite happy for me to do the job. I did it and their products are now visible in Google shopping.


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