How eBay and Amazon can help your business ?

With the general growth of the e-commerce industry, more and more entrepreneurs are moving only. Setting up a web-shop is quite a simple process and it’s never been easier to implement on-line payment systems. Unfortunately some on-line sellers get lost in a sea of competition with many struggling to market themselves.

Luckily on-line marketplaces with millions of users allow anyone to list products and can even be a useful marketing channel to drive traffic to their your own website. There are plenty of reasons why any business selling on their own website (or thinking about starting) should also be on eBay and Amazon.

First it’s easy to start out on eBay or Amazon so you can use these marketplaces to check demand for your product and investigate competition. That will save spending money building your own website only to find the business opportunity is not big enough.

If you find sufficient demand and establish a business model you can look to expand the business to your own website. On your eBay ‘about me’ page you can put links to your site and in time, with some persuasion, your most loyal customers will make purchases directly through you. This saves eBay or Amazon fees and can increase sales. Building a website can require a lot of cash up front but you will reap the rewards. You may want to consider making taking a short term business loan to help our in this period and having Amazon or eBay trading history can help you get the best deal.

If you’re new to the e-commerce industry selling on existing platforms is a good way to understand the world of selling on-line. It gets you familiar with on-line payment services and helps you to understand the way on-line buyers behave. This basic knowledge really comes in handy once your business begins to grow. 

Trading on eBay and Amazon is not always a bed of roses but it makes you visible to millions of buyers and can be a great way to start up and promote your business. 

This post is provided by iwoca , the first company in the UK to provide small business loans to eBay and Amazon sellers.


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  1. im looking for a yahoo pipes experience person to hire for a freelance job if this is you please email me at

    • Hi Evin

      Thanks for dropping by. Unfortunately I am not a right person for the job. The intention of the post was to make my readers aware of the tool relevant to eBay. I am sure there are plenty out there who can help.




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