Easy Marketing Tip: Promote your online shop with Amazon Customers

I got a letter through the post today from Amazon. I was not expecting it. It was a good formatted letter explaining about the Amazon’s new company “LoveFilm”. The interesting bit was it was offering me 30 day FREE trial and £20 Amazon Gift Certificate if I become a paying member.

This is a really good deal. I have no obligation subscription along with Gift Certificate. If I were a movie fan I would definitely jump into it. Would you not?

You can learn to apply this marketing method to promote your online store if you are currently selling on Amazon. It is now time to design one if you have not and if you are already sending one, start redesigning. Here are some components you must include in your leaflet:

  1. Personalise the letter with Full Name and address which establishes that it is genuine and not a spam mail
  2. Brief about your company with location, number of years of trading which creates a relationship that you are not virtual
  3. Give your Amazon customers reason to go to your store. It could be FREE gift or MONEY OFF vouchers.
  4. Include your FREE delivery promotions or WEEKLY deals
  5. Create a gift Certificate imprint with 1,2,3 steps to redeem the certificate

Now that you have designed your leaflet, you need think about how to measure the impact of your leaflet. One way is to monitor the direct hits to your site and another is to monitor the customer registration source in your site. Don’t be afraid to re-design if your result is not good!

This is a simple way of getting new customers to your site. Remember these are customers who are already looking for your product. You would have to spend 100s to get these sort of targeted customer & we often overlook these who are in your doorsteps.

Let me know how you get on.

Good Luck !


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